Welcome to Vacation Liberty School

Just as we the citizens of the United States of America bear the ultimate responsibility to ensure that liberty persists in our great nation, we also bear the ultimate responsibility to teach the generations that follow us the principles from which that liberty flows; and further that they in turn bear that responsibility to teach these principles and responsibilities to their children. Only through such diligence can freedom be perpetually maintained over the centuries to come.

Our goal in creating and sharing Vacation Liberty School is to equip and encourage our nation’s citizens to carry out this responsibility. Vacation Liberty School (VLS) is a 5 day program for 2½ hours a day designed to implant the principles of liberty as discovered and implemented by the founders of our country into young Americans ages 10-15 years old. The program can be presented by any passionate and motivated group of citizens to the children in their community. The planning and curriculum guide leads the group through the planning and execution stages of VLS while providing detailed activities, lessons, background information, and references, for those doing the presenting.

Methods and Message

We want the children to thoroughly enjoy the time they spend at Vacation Liberty School. We also want them to have an experience that instills in them understanding, appreciation, excitement, and enthusiasm for the liberty we enjoy in America. We attempt to do this by having the children discover the principles of liberty for themselves by experiencing situations both consistent with and contrary to those principles.

Some of the main points of emphasis in this installment of VLS include:

  • With freedom comes responsibility. Blending freedom and responsibility requires virtuous, moral, and educated citizens. This is why we teach the principles of liberty from the perspective of faith, hope, and charity.
  • We promote principles rather than specific men or political parties since these can be corrupted and disappoint us, whereas fundamental principles are timeless and incorruptible.
  • Seek the truth by going to original sources.  We go to the founders’ own words to understand the intent of their actions and the structure they laid for us.  In this spirit, we encourage all involved in VLS to engage in their own quest for the truth and research beyond what is presented here.
  • The founders’ faith in God was fundamental to the founding of our country and the system they provided.
  • The ultimate responsibility for maintaining liberty lies with the people. It may be convenient to point blame at our elected officials for infringements that may creep in upon our liberties, but we must recognize that it is up to us (the citizens) to be the guardians of our liberty and assure that those we elect do not reach beyond the binds that the Constitution places on our government.

VLS and VBS 

As implied by its name, Vacation Liberty School borrows from the model of Vacation Bible School (VBS) that is familiar to so many Americans. It is not intended to be in competition or association with VBS in any way. It is similar to VBS in that it is a five day program, put on by parents and gracious volunteers from the community, and is done during a time when the kids are not in their regular school. This connection in structure conveniently provides for quick understanding when introducing the concept. It cannot be emphasized enough that in no way is VLS intended to displace VBS. Not only is the content distinctly different (VBS teaches the Word of God in its purity, focusing on things eternal; while VLS focuses on earthly concerns, covering America and liberty), but the target audience is also different. While VBS is for younger elementary school age children, VLS has been designed for 10-15 year olds (when they are beyond VBS age).