Publication and Permission to Use

Our primary objective is to have Vacation Liberty School reach as many children as possible.  That is why from the beginning, the curriculum has always been available electronically free of charge.  In that spirit, we are making our new and much improved curriculum and planning guide also available electronically without charge.  You may access and utilize this guide electronically for the purposes of preparation and execution of Vacation Liberty School in your community.  We do restrict you from further distribution of the file, requesting that you direct those interested in it to this site for their own retrieval.

Many who have done Vacation Liberty School in their communities have emphasized the importance of having printed copies of the curriculum available for use by the volunteers and urged us to organize the information into a publication. Recognizing the value and criticality of this, we have written and published Vacation Liberty School - Faith, Hope, and Charity: Curriculum and Planning Guide. We have priced the publication to be similar to the cost of printing the document yourself.  We ask that if you find the need for printed copies, that you purchase the book and have your money support our endeavor rather than your office/printing/mailbox store or printing cartridge manufacturer. This will help us cover our expenses and indicate to us that you would like to see additional installments in the future.

There are designated pages within the book that we grant you permission to photocopy or print in unlimited numbers for the purpose of executing VLS.  These are designated by the words at the bottom of those pages stating “THIS PAGE MAY BE PHOTOCOPIED OR PRINTED FOR USE IN VLS.”  Specifically, these pages are the overview tables and the “Dots, Lines, and Hearts” activity page.

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