About Ivory Notebook

Ivory Notebook’s intent is to capture and catalog timeless truths and fundamental principles regarding human endeavors and the world in which we pursue them.  When properly recognized and utilized, these truths and principles serve powerfully as guiding beacons for decisions and building blocks for solid, stable, effective, and efficient practices for individuals and societies.  Over time, changing circumstances, developments, and knowledge may prompt variations in strategies and structures, but the truly fundamental principles remain as an anchor providing continued basis and guidance for these refreshed proceedings.  Our goal is to recognize and distill these timeless principles down to their essential core, and present them in a simple and elegant structure suitable for understanding and application by both youth and adults.

We are pleased to begin this ambitious and humbling effort by presenting the principles of liberty as recognized and implemented by America’s founding fathers through the vehicle of Vacation Liberty School.

Who We Are

Ivory Notebook is provided by Mobius Maxims LLC.  We are a very small team, putting this together as a “hobby” in our spare time after we have tended to our primary responsibilities of providing for, raising, and teaching our children.  We hope that there will be many similarly minded individuals who will find the content and resources of Ivory Notebook useful and empowering as they strive to promote these fundamental principles in their “spare” time.

Why Ivory Notebook? 

Several of our nation’s founders carried small notebooks with them every where they went. On these ivory colored pages, they would record their daily observations and self-improvement endeavors as they lived, worked, and interacted with nature and others. It is through this type of daily attention to our duties and activities, and the careful observation thereof, that we hone our ability to recognize and utilize the truth throughout our lives. Here, we capture and record the timeless fundamental wisdom we glean from our daily experiences and those who came before us in our Ivory Notebook.